Lightweight Backpacking Travel

Vacations are a central part of modern life. People take vacations to see, enjoy and learn about different countries and people. The more adventurous set off on trips of a lifetime to explore and enjoy new places. An important part of their travel plan is the weight they have to carry. Lightweight backpacking travel has become the ultimate way to ensure a comfortable journey.In the past backpacks tended to be heavy and loaded with items that are unnecessary. With the advance of technology lightweight backpacks has revolutionised travel making possible for people to travel with ease and enjoy the whole experience far more.There are huge arrays of different gadgets and accessories available that will fit in the smaller backpack and provide the same benefits as larger items. Lighter packs will enable you to explore more and be able to keep up with the rest of the group. Heavy backpacks are liable to cause blisters, sore feet, back ache and knee injuries. You will escape all these with lightweight backpacking.Lightweight backpacking is ideal when you are visiting several different locations as you can easily pack your bag and be on the move on to the next place. Remote locations can be explored and exciting places enjoyed as the backpack can be placed down and back on within minutes. You will feel far steadier on your feet and your balance will be better. You can use light but sturdy footwear instead of heavy and bulky hiking boots.A great advantage of travelling with a lightweight backpack on the plane is that you will save time not having to check your baggage in ahead of the flight or waiting to pick it up after your flight. Travel baggage for Europe should be carry-on sizes. This ensures that you do not carry too much. Most International airlines allow 22″ tall 14″ wide and 9″ deep. This size of bag is small enough to be lightweight while holding the right amount of luggage – around 45 litres.Business travellers ‘ needs are different from the recreational ones. Business travellers may need to pack for 1-3 days and may not need larger bags. Recreational travellers may need to pack for 7-10 days.The backpack should have ample pockets and zippers so that items may be extracted without unpacking and repacking several things to get at what you want. This is also true when it comes to packs that load from the top. Zippers that allow you to see most of what is inside is perfect for the traveller who will most likely be opening and closing their pack every night.Another space saver is carrying an iPhone or other smart phone because of the many applications they have. The phone is lighter than a tablet or laptop. It can replace maps, guide books and other cumbersome items and also provide you with instant communications with friends and family.Use compression bags for a super-tight package of your clothes. Your clothing fabrics should be lightweight and quick drying. Place this compressed bag on the bottom of your pack. Fill the remaining bottom space with a jacket or sweater for a tighter fit base.Pack a laptop with a sleeve for a flat surface against your back. Your camera and lens with the cases can go in a central and safe position. Fill up any remaining spaces with your remaining odds and ends. A first aid kit, assorted cable and battery bags, and a toiletry kit with medicines. Use the top pocket for items you want to access during the day; maps, a cell phone, snack food. A water bottle that clips on can be accessed whenever you are thirsty.The concept of lightweight backpacking travel is to have fun and enjoy the places that you visit. You will feel far safer, more comfortable and have a greater amount of freedom.It is easy to shop online and a great way to purchase your next piece of carry-on luggage. You will find competitive pricing as well as a great selection of the most modern bags in the market.

Backpacking Adventure Travel

If you are looking to take an adventure travel lasting a day or two, or over a long holiday weekend, a backpacking adventure travel may be a perfect solution. This type of adventure travel is usually easier to plan and will give you a nice break away from your everyday routine. Before you begin, you first have to decide how long you plan on being away.If you plan on being gone for one single day, a daypack would satiate, but if you plan on going on a multi-day adventure travel, you would need to go for backpacking. With both these types, you would have to keep in mind a few more things. For example, the backpack for your backpacking adventure travel should come with sturdy shoulder straps. In addition to that, your backpack should also have enough padding and curves. This helps to keep your collarbone safe otherwise it would chaff it.Another thing that must be understood with backpacking is having good zips. The zips should be strong and durable. And to make things easier for you, always try to opt for zips of the larger size. These types are always more reliable. Your backpack should also come with a good waist strap. And why is that essential for you? For the simple reason that it takes much of the weight off your shoulders and as such your shoulder would not get tired easily.And the last thing that should be kept in mind before choosing your backpacking adventure travel is that the material of the backpack must be of the highest quality. You should not compromise on quality just because of cost. The consequences could be very problematic. Just imagine what could happen if the backpack gave out in the middle of your adventure travel.So, you have got yourself a decent backpack for your backpacking adventure travel. Now the next thing would surely be getting an idea of the things that you ought to be keeping in your backpack. The very first thing that you should always keep in mind is that never in any case forget to take the maximum possible amount of water with you. You should also not forget to maintain sufficient amount of iodine tablets with you to treat the water you get while on your adventure. It is not possible to carry all the water that you would need during your travel and you are bound to use water from outside, and as such, iodine tablets are a must.You will also need to transport food with you. If you pack each of your meals separately, you can save a great deal of space and you would be taking just enough food that you will need. In addition, you will also need to take some clothes. If you are planning a multi-day backpacking adventure travel, you have to take enough clothes with you to regular changes. You should also bring a good pair of shoes and do not forget a sleeping back and/or a tent.Keep in mind that your preparation will greatly depend on the location you choose for your adventure travel, the type of terrain and the weather conditions for that area. Be sure to perform as much research as possible before you leave for your backpacking adventure travel to ensure you will an exciting and memorable experience.

Backpacker Travel Insurance – Don’t Let Exams Spoil Your Adventures

Traveling to far away and exotic places is something that is high on the list of priorities for many people in this age of easy travel. It is especially true for young people with itchy feet who are finishing up school or college and eager to be independent and explore the world. Travel insurance companies accommodate for this type of travel by offering insurance for backpackers, students on a gap year, or any young (or even not-so-young) person needing insurance for an extended trip. It’s just a matter of finding the right policy that will tick all the boxes.Okay, so you may not plan to take much luggage and are not bothered about your property being stolen – but that is not a good reason to skip purchasing travel insurance altogether! At a very minimum, a backpacker policy is important as it provides cover for those unexpected mishaps – which hopefully will never be needed – such as emergency medical expenses, personal liability, and legal costs.Adventure sports activities are included as standard in many backpacker policies. However, the activities must usually be participated in on a ‘casual’ basis only (i.e. not the main purpose of the trip) such as scuba diving, wind surfing, or a parachute or bungee jump. Be sure to check the terms and exclusions in any policy and understand what is and is not covered – as well as any excess (deductible) that may apply.Worried about examination results? It is not necessary to delay travel while biting your nails and waiting for those important, life-changing, exam results. A backpacker policy will often provide cover for cancellation or curtailment of a trip if a re-sit of exams becomes necessary. Check the actual terms and conditions, as typically it must be an approved examining body and the date of issue of the policy must be prior to the exam dates relating to any failed exam or course.It may be worthwhile – especially during difficult economic times – to pay a little extra for a policy which includes cover for ‘Scheduled Airline Failure’ – and this is included as standard in many backpacker policies.Some restrictions may apply to a backpacker policy regarding traveling and working. If a travel itinerary includes plans to work abroad or participate in paid or unpaid voluntary work a different type of policy may be needed. If in doubt, always ask to make sure the policy has the necessary levels of cover.Travel Insurance Agencies Ltd. provide a range of policies designed for backpackers and travelers up to age 46 who plan to travel light. Why waste those precious travel funds on insurance cover you don’t really need. A backpacker or Discovery Light policy is designed to be affordable for those who plan to travel without a lot of luggage by excluding cover for personal effects, baggage and cash.A backpacker policy can usually be combined with winter sports (skiing/snowboarding) cover for an additional premium – such as a Discovery policy. This will normally include cover for ski equipment, ski pass and ski hire for up to one year of travel. Make sure that air ambulance and emergency medical repatriation is included, as the cost for these services abroad can be astronomical – especially in the USA.One big advantage of booking travel insurance through the internet is having access to an immediate online cover note. If, as so often happens, the boring details of the trip – such as sorting out travel insurance – are left until the last minute there will be no need to wait for the policy documents to arrive in the post. The policy wording will also be available to view online if needed.Foreign travel is something most young people excitedly look forward to once all the years of hard work and study are over. The playgrounds of the world await – and it simply is not worth taking the risk of spoiling the reward and that trip of a lifetime by neglecting to take out travel or backpacker insurance. Those itchy feet are likely to walk into all sorts of exciting adventures – so it is important to protect and care for them – wherever they may lead!